For Thanksgiving this year, S.S. and I headed up to the Berkshires to celebrate with family and friends. Given the impeding snowstorm, I stopped by Trader Joe’s wine to pick up a bottle for the train (it is vacation, right?). After spending my college years studying viticulture in the Finger Lakes, I am naturally a huge fan of Finger Lakes wines. The choice was Anthony Road Riesling Dry 2013.


…a few notes on wine for the road:

1. Screwcap (this is a no brainer)

2. Disposable cups. Be prepared. Note: people around you will probably be jealous, especially after facing Penn Station on the busiest travel day of the year.

3. The wine needs to be able to handle a little warmth, depending on how long your trip is. Go for a riesling, not a sauvignon blanc.


The Anthony Road was spot on for the occasion. While still showing the signature petrol aromas of classic old-world Rieslings, it was fresh and crisp, but the acid was well integrated and without food it was totally enjoyable. I think there may be a small amount of residual sugar as it was nicely balanced on the palate. For $13.99, I would definitely recommend!


The trains were miraculously on time, but the snow was too fast for the plows to keep up with, and the trip over the mountain from the train station took us almost 2 hours! …we were definitely thankful for the riesling.

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