In a Christmas crunch? Wine!

Every year I try to stay on top of my Christmas shopping, yet somehow wind up in that last minute crunch. For a few weeks I toss around different ideas in my head, trying to think of the perfect practical item for everyone on my list, but also something that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves – these seem to be the best gifts. When it comes to wine-related gifts (I’ve been known to give a few of these…), here’s a few of my recommendations for this year:

  • Champagne!

This is a great one for a few reasons:

1. You can pick up decent bottles at almost any wine store

2. The recipient will most likely enjoy it (or re-gift it to someone who will)

3. It’s fun, beautiful, & classy… who ever said they didn’t like the bottle of Champagne their (awesome) friend got them?

A few of my go-to’s:

Pol RogerPol Roger, Brut Reserve Non-Vintage – $39.99

While this Champagne is super popular in the U.K. (it’s the Champagne of the Royal Family), it remains under the radar here state-side. The house is family owned, and still owns some of their vineyard sites – both rarities in the Champagne region these days. Equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, & Pinot Meunier, it’s an incredibly well-balanced Champagne, and shows some fantastic brioche and yeast flavors – yum! For the price (which is the same, if not less than some of the more common *cough*yellow*cough* Champagnes), this is just unbeatable.


Delamotte, Blanc de Blancs Brut Non-Vintage – $52.99

So, you would love to give your friends a $500 bottle of Salon, but didn’t win the lotto this year? Enter Delamotte: Salon’s little brother. Since Salon is only made during special vintage years, the grapes have to go somewhere else during all of the other years… right here, and for about $50! “Blanc de Blancs” = White of Whites = only Chardonnay. This is great with pre-dinner drinks, but also will compliment any seafood crudo, oysters, and light apps.

  • Stocking Stuffers: Wine Toppers

Wine Stoppers 3I received a few of these several years ago and thought they were adorable, but actually found myself using them very frequently! They’re sort of a craft-fair type of find, but online there are TONS available, and most are between $2 and $20 – work grab bag? Secret Santa? I’m fond of these little owl guys:

  • Splurge for the Connoisseur 

The ultimate/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/827/79380730/files/2014/12/img_3700.jpg nerdy/fantastic wine tool on the market? Coravin! Using a medical-grade needle, wine is extracted through the cork, while the open space is replaced with Argon, preventing any exposure of the wine to oxygen. Without the oxygen reaction, the wine itself stays just as it is, as if it has never been opened! When the Coravin is removed, it is almost impossible to see where the needle has gone through, and the cork re-seals itself – this is way cool! Recently I started working with this at the restaurant, and while it is a great party trick, it is also very practical. $299.99


My biggest issue with the Coravin? When do we not drink the whole bottle?!



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