Almost Amarone


Amarone is some serious wine. Made in a unique process, and creating flavors unlike any other wines in the world, it also comes with a serious price tag. Not to worry, here’s a wine that is a compromise in price, but not in taste.

Veneto Map 2

Made in the Veneto region of Italy, Amarone is a wine made famous by the process of partially drying the grapes prior to pressing & fermentation, concentrating the flavors, in a theory similar to late-harvest wines. The grapes are left on large, flat palates for 120 days, reducing the weight by 35-45%. In Amarone the wines are fermented to dry, leaving no residual sugar, but leaving all the flavor, and an illusion of sweetness.

Amarone Drying 1Using the same grapes as Amarone, Alanera, Rosso Veronese, Zenato, 2012, is made primarily of the grape Corvina, the same as Amarone, and grown in the same area in Veneto. The name comes as a reference to the raven (“Corvino” in Italian), Alanera translates as “Black Wing”. This wine is like a semi-Amarone – 50% of the grapes are partially dried for 45-60 days in Sant’Ambrogio, where the producer also makes its Amarone. The result is great! Even though it’s a young wine (2012), the color is a bright ruby-red wine, and while it still shows so much fresh fruit, think cherries & raspberries, it also shows more complex layers of flavor, such as tobacco and prunes. The acidity keeps it fresh, and makes you want to come back for more… as does the price, retailing at $19.95 (?!).

Buy now. Drink now. (…or save for a few years I suppose).




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