The Changing Face of California

In light of an article that came out in the New York Times Sunday Magazine several weeks ago, I think it’s worth mentioning what is going on in California right now.

If you have a few minutes, and want to get the general vibe for this movement that’s making waves in California, check it out here: 

Over the past month I got the rare opportunity to spend a bit of time up in The Berkshires, and catch up with the family. I stopped in to pick up a bottle at a Lenox staple, Nejaime’s Wine Cellar, and couldn’t have been more pleased to find Broc Cellars Carignan on the shelf. Coming in at a pleasantly surprising low alcohol of about 12%, this makes for a pleasantly drinkable version of a grape that can hold a lot of power, especially in a warmer climate. Mr. Broc is experimenting with several other varietals atypical to California, but who are showing very well – Valdigue, Grenache, and Counoise.

Broc Cellars, Carignan, Alexander Valley, 2013, $27

This ‘revert’ to a style of winemaking of just letting things happen as they naturally do is no new concept, but is new to California, where for so long we strived to create wines that were the ideal, displaying strong fruit and oak. These wines show depth, layers of flavors, and food-friendliness- what it is all about!

Here are a few other producers to keep your eyes out for when buying that next bottle:

Sandhi WinesSandhi

Tyler Wine


Peay Vineyards



Liquid Farm

Liquid Farm 2



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