Coffee Interlude. If you drink a lot of wine, you drink a lot of coffee too. 

Where there is a lot of wine, there is, in turn, a lot of coffee. Yes, while we do have our handy spit buckets ready at all of our tastings, but as you can imagine, with the late nights on the floor, wine dinners, and industry friends, morning (read: early afternoon) coffee is an ritual of necessity, and love.

NYC is packed with coffee shops beyond the Starbucks on every other block, and these three are my favorite finds:

Haven’s Kitchen (17th st. & 6th ave.)


A demo kitchen by day and a teaching kitchen at night, they also have a beautiful small cafe
in the front, and have been so kind as to host me through many hours of studying this past year. Sunny & perfectly decorated. They serve La Colombe to boot!




71 Irving Place (Irving Farm Coffee Roasters)

These guys do it from start to finish: sourcing the beans themselves and roasting them at their facility in the Hudson Valley, all to finished product here at the company’s original location. Tucked underneath a brownstone, complete with a cheese store above, this is was a Manhattan neighborhood cafe should feel like. It’s always busy, but in the afternoon makes for a great place to meet a friend.


Oslo Coffee Roasters (71st st. & 1st ave.)

All sustainably sourced and produced, this hole-in-the-wall coffee shop on the upper east side truly delivers. No formal seating, just benches with newspaper and a small pastry selection, it’s a relaxing afternoon pit-stop. Off the beaten path, but worth it.


Do something good for yourself, and take some time to just enjoy a good cup of coffee. Take a few minutes to reflect. Re-organize. Read a book.





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