Rosés I’m Drinking this 4th of July

Despite us being in the heart of rose season, I have yet to recommend any, so here we go! …a quick post on a few of my favorite roses that are worth splurging on this holiday weekend.

The Classic:

Pradeaux Rose

Chateaux Pradeaux Bandol Rose, Provence, FR, 2014, $26.99

Chateaux Pradeaux is known as one of the best and most classic examples of rose throughout the world. Based in Bandol, in the Provence area of France, they have been producing wines since the 1700’s. They use almost all organic production methods for this Cinsault and Mourvedre blend, and the results shine…with a slightly orange tinge.

The New:

Steve Matthiasson. The wine community likes this guy (a lot), and the rest of the world is catching on quickly. I’d anticipate his wines costing quite a lot more in the near future, so grab some now and experience what the hype is all about. Coming out of California, this rose is a blend of grapes native to the south of France, including Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Counoise. Peachy and floral with crip acid, this is a fresh & versatile rose for the summer.

Matthiasson Rose

Matthiasson Rose, Napa Valley, 2014, $21.99

The Adventurous:

Ameztoi Rose

Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rose 2014, $19.95

Txakolina is popping up all over these days, and for good reason! This lightly sparkling wine is bottled while the fermentation is still occurring, leaving a bit of CO2 in the wine. Ameztoi’s rose is made of old-vine native grapes, Hondarribi Beltza & Hondarribi Zuri.  Txakolina is served out of a ‘porron’, which creates a small stream of wine, poured into the glass from height, adding air and enhancing the bubbles as it goes. Yes, you can do this into your mouth (and is not an infrequent occurrence at bars in the Basque).


“Porron”: Traditional serving vessel for Txakolina

Happened to stop by my favorite neighborhood wine store last night, Back Label Wine Merchants (20th st & 6th ave), who had one of my picks open to taste! (I knew I liked these guys)



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